4 Simple Steps to Create a Website with "8b Free Website Builder".

All these steps do not require any technical knowledge or budget, so this is a very powerful tool that can handle anyone. Let's start!

1. Sign Up

The 8b Free Website Builder is super intuitive and clear, so it would not be difficult to create a new account. When you come to the site, you can see two ways to sign up. You must do to create the site.

The first way is to click on the Create Free website in the upper right corner. Then you would see the registration window, where you can sign up for Google or Facebook. Also, below you would see the field where you can put the email. 

2. Choose any template

The second way is to click Select here. Then you would have the opportunity to choose any template out of the list of themes. In 8b Online Site Builder, you can find a template for any case. When you choose the theme, you'll need to name your future work and click Create site.

3. Edit your site

Now you will create your own website, which would be very easy and even enjoyable. In both cases, you would see an already created site, which can be modified in the way you want. There is no need to bring visual changes to the layout, just put the content you want. If necessary, you can add any section you need using the drag-and-drop feature. To do this, scroll down and click the plus sign.

Then you would see the list of sections you can use. Obviously, there are all the necessary sections for almost every instance of user interaction with the site: headers, resources, contacts, menus, footers, price charts, testimonials, team section, articles, images and videos and more. Each section has several representations. For example, the Gallery and Slider section has 20 variations.

You can choose any version you want and fill it with content. Or you can change the section further, any way you prefer. If you do this, click the Customize Section icon. It would help you to open the menu of the chosen block. At the top, you can change the block layout to choose one of the section versions. Below you can see Show all settings. When you click it, it will open the second part of the menu. It would help you bring all the necessary changes you need. There you would have the opportunity to manipulate with titles, captions, text, buttons, colors, overlap, opacity, fills, background, align and so on.

So, basically, you can create an absolutely different layout section and design from the existing one. In some cases, you may even reverse the content or change the number of columns.
In addition, with the Customize section, you can swap sections of your site and remove them. You'll find this feature at the bottom of the Customize section menu. 

4. Publish your website

When your site is finished, you'll need to publish it. With 8b free website builder and hosting would not take any effort. But at first, you might consider some other options for the 8b free website builder and domain itself, which can help you improve the work of your website. Click the Hamburger, then Settings.

In the open menu you can change the site name, favicon, domain; set Google index, Site Analytics; choose PWA and remove unused CSS. In addition, you can either rename the existing domain or connect it to yours. All of these options can greatly improve your work. Removing unused CSS would help you increase the upload process. The Google index and site analytics would put your site higher in the Google list.

After all this, you can easily publish your website. Click on the hamburger and then on Publish. That's it, your website posted! Now you can see the message Congratulations. It would offer you to contact your site with your new domain and index it. You can return to edit mode. To do this, you need to close the message and click the Back to edit sign in the upper left corner. In addition, you can view your site in phone mode. If you need to do this, click the Mobile Preview icon on the right side of the Back to the edit sign.