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How Drag and Drop 8b Web Site Builder Works
After you have taken the first step, you can proceed to the above mentioned drag-and-drop operations. To find out how the best drag and drop website builder works, watch this video below.

Drag and drop a section of the panel on page
The 8b Drag and Drop Website Builder offers several sections of unique appearance of websites and easy to design the entire model has at its disposal. To get to these sections, simply click the round button with a "plus" sign in the right corner of any section written as "Add section to page."

Then you will see the list presented in two parts. In the right column, you would note the number of existing blocks (headers, assets, footers, menus, and so on). If you click one of them in the right column, you will see all variations of the chosen block. If you choose "Headers" in the right column, you'll see 30 versions of that block in the left column. This way it is super fast and intuitive. You would not have any difficulty finding the correct block. Also, if you have somehow chosen some layout and want to change it, it would be super easy to do. Just click on the Customize section and the "Slide to test other layouts" field. Then you can change the background view.

Drag and drop sections into the page
Changing the location can also be accomplished very easily. You need to click on the "Customize" section in the upper right corner of each block. At the end of the open window on the left side you would see the "Drag Section" sign. All you need is to hold it and drag the chosen block to the top or bottom of the project.

This option is extremely useful because you do not need to remove the existing section and create it one more time. Everything works smoothly and fast.

How Drag and Drop 8b Web Site Builder Works