Online Application: Being an online tool, 8b Easy Website Builder works like a regular website application. There's no need for you to download this website builder on your device, which gives you some advantages. You always have access to your site and permission to modify it wherever you are using any device as long as you remember the credentials of your account. That way, you access your website from your desktop, at home or at work, from your smartphone, without transferring any files from one device to another.

WYSIWYG Builder: means you have the power to visually design your web page as it is. In the case of 8b, you have control over all components of your site, such as titles, texts, buttons, images, videos and backgrounds. By working on your page, you see exactly the same look and feel of your already published website. This helps avoid changing the encoding for the site.

Drag and Drop Website Builder : Drag and Drop is now a well known resource indispensable for any reputed website builder in the web market. It allows users to click on an element, drag, and position anywhere on a page. As for 8b, you can drag and drop sections of the site between other perfectly stacked sections one over the other.

FEATURES 8B. Drag and Drop Website Builders.

8b Free Website Builder contains several very useful features that are very useful for you.

8b Mobile Website Builder works with the AMP platform. This means that your website would work perfectly on any phone. Layout design will automatically change depending on the device. You do not need to think about it during the creation of the site. All you have to do is publish your work. Then you would see the mobile icon, which would allow you to view the site in phone mode.
Also, in 8b you can create websites with unlimited pages. To create a new page, you need to click on the hamburger in the upper left corner and choose the Pages option. There you need to click Create new page, that's it. The new page is created. 

Free hosting:
After finishing the site, you obviously need to post it. In 8b Best Free Website Builder you would have an incredible opportunity to do this absolutely for free. 

Absolutely no ad
8b is a completely free website builder. It is very comfortable to work in this application because it has a very precise and clear design. In addition, you do not have any ads, considering that the site builder is completely free. 

Custom domain
You can name your website the way you want. To do this, click on the burger and choose Settings. After that, in the Domain field, you need to rename your site and click Change. You can see here a number of other features and options that may be useful to you, for example, Google Index, Site Analytics, Site Export, Progressive Web App, and Remove unused CSS. 

Multi-purpose templates
One of the most obvious advantages in 8b Free Website Builder is the huge number of different templates. You would find the theme idea almost for all purposes. The 8b Free Website builder has 18 themes: Agency, Company, Consulting and more. In 8b, it is possible to change not only images, fonts and colors, but the appearance of all components.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to work with 8b Free Website Builder.