The site 8b Brazil has extra options such as site settings. You can choose the name of your site, set favicon and the logo of the menu, change the information of the domain and choose the index page of your site. It would help Google provide the right SEO for your site. In addition, you can check your project with the built-in reviews.

Intuitively design
You can choose a particular section and which one you like best among all its variations. Then you fill in the information. If there were any occasion. You can transform the layout of the existing section. For example, you can change the background image, align content, set the color of the overlay, increase or decrease the upper and lower fills, and hide different elements of the block, such as title, caption, text, buttons, and so on. It's one of the most intuitive and quick ways to create your website. In addition, you can change the layout of the precise section with the information filled out and the content would also change. On the contrary, it would automatically be saved in another layout.

Online Tool
The 8b drag-drop builderworks as an online site builder. This means that you can always have access to your project and website. You can always bring the necessary changes and add content to your work. It is very convenient if you are a busy person and if you value your time. And the main advantage of 8b builder is that you can use it totally for free and publish your project on the server for free. By the way, you can also publish the project created for your server.

Final Words
Considering all the features and benefits of 8b, there is no doubt that the 8b Drag and Drop Website Builder is a total change factor in the website builder market. It makes it easier for web design beginners to have an ultra modern and modern website running without any user-side input such as coding due to Drag and Drop Web Design.

It's hard to find a more convenient way to register than in the free 8b app.